We develop and manage creative and niche projects in those fields we understand and we are passionate about: hospitality and real estate. We are entrepreneurs and restaurateurs. Baldaszti Capital Partners was founded by Péter Baldaszti and Máté Kovács with the vision to bring value to investors by creating distinctive experiences for our guests.

We directly manage every phase of a project from finding an impeccable but undervalued location through hands-on development until it turns into a chic and a unique destination. Creating something from nothing is what we love.

We love discovering new opportunities, new locations and new partnerships. If you have a project to discuss, feel free to contact us. Our core values dictate that we craft every project with relentless attention to detail and atmosphere.

Baldaszti projects are not united only by the impaccable experience and the progressive attitude towards unconditional quality and pioneering design but by the outstanding branding and communication that enhance our growth.


We have accumulated decent experiences and we have the knowledge to develop and operate projects at the same time. We are in possession of the necessary financial knowledge and we are able to execute our plans to fulfill the laid-out goals. We have an exceptional project pipeline and we are enthusiastic to work with investors who share our values. If you are interested in discerning hospitality and real estate investments, please contact us for further information.