This April is an important milestone in the life of Liberté and ZONA. As a result of extended discussions,
the Baldaszti team will no longer be involved in the daily operations of the restaurants, and a new management will take over.

As a consequence of this decision, Gábor Krausz and Gergő Devecseri will no longer work as Executive Chef and Head of Marketing, respectively. Máté Kovács and Péter Baldaszti will no longer be responsible for the restaurants’ daily matters.

We reached this conclusion as our ambitions call us elsewhere. We have had differences with our partners and as we believe that the further success of the restaurants should be based on a unified concept and leadership, it is best that we are moving on.
The Baldaszti team will continue their work together and besides hospitality projects, we’re planning to explore other industries as well.
We’d like to thank our dear guests for their love and support, and our colleagues for their persistent and passionate work.

We wish the best luck for the new management.